X-ray Services

State-of-the-art X-ray services for your pets' diagnosis and care.

Like bloodwork, visual exams and urine tests, X-rays are a diagnostic tool used to retrieve and analyze information about your pet’s well-being. With these scans, our veterinary team can properly diagnose any conditions that your pet may have, so that we can prescribe the correct treatment to get them on the path to good health. If you have any further questions about our ultrasound and X-ray services, please do not hesitate to call us at 613-543-2812.

Will x-rays harm my pet?

Not at all. These scans are minimally invasive and your pet will be outfitted with protective gear to protect them from the miniscule levels of radiation emitted by the machine.

Can I hold my pet during their scan?

Unfortunately, you cannot accompany your pet in the space where we conduct the imaging scan. Our hospital must strictly enforce this rule to adhere to radiation safety regulations. But don’t worry! Our technicians will make sure that your pet is comfortable and in good spirits.

Why would my pet need an X-ray?

When the veterinarian wants a closer look at your pet’s body, or if they want to confirm or rule out any possible diagnoses, that is usually when an X-ray will be conducted. For example, X-rays are typically done for instances involving swallowed items, bone fractures and cancers.

Will my dog or cat need to be sedated during their X-ray?

It depends. For furry friends with a calm and gentle nature, manual restraint is enough to keep them still long enough for the scan. But, most pets are put under anesthesia. This helps to prevent them from feeling any anxiety towards the procedure. It also allows us to get the most accurate scans, especially for parts of the body that would require us to place your pet in an uncomfortable position.

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