Orthopedic Services

Supporting the health of your pet’s joints, ligaments, and bones.

At all stages of their life, your pet’s bones, joints and ligaments can sustain changes, injuries and diseases that have a great impact on their quality of life. At Morrisburg Animal Hospital, we perform various therapies and procedures each day to look after your pet’s orthopedic health. Regular checkups with your veterinarian go along way in this. Feel free to call us to schedule your furry pal’s next appointment.

What are some common orthopedic issues in pets?

There are certain pets who are more vulnerable to orthopedic problems that can range from mild sprains to severe chronic issues. For example, older dogs are more likely to develop the degenerative joint disease. In smaller dog breeds, patellar luxation is a common condition that causes their kneecaps to slip out of alignment. For cats, sprains, tender contractures and hip dysplasia are common issues.

How are orthopedic problems in pets treated?

Treatment depends on your pet’s specific problem. Certain minor sprains, for instance, can actually heal on their own. Your veterinarian may also prescribe supplements such as glucosamine if your furry pal has osteoarthritis. Other types of treatment are physical therapy and surgery (for more severe cases).

What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia in pets?

Both cats and dogs can get this condition, which is when their hip socket grows abnormally. The most common symptoms of this are fatigue, limping, stiffness, difficulty jumping and lameness in the most severe instances.

How much does a pet orthopedic surgery cost?

For more info and details on our current service rates, please call us at 613-543-2812.

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